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The Bridal Boot Sale was formed when two of our girl gang were getting married and felt like there should be an easier way to hunt for treasures and trinkets. It takes a certain level of commitment and a whole lot of time to search out the best car boots and charity shops for a DIY wedding and what on Earth do you do with it all afterwards?


And so the original Hampshire Bridal Boot Sale was born.

We are on the hunt for newlyweds who want to reclaim their spare room, or their parents garage! Sell on your wedding items to brides-to-be, whether it be your dress, those shoes you never wore, all those vintage jars or 'that' gorgeous garland.


Book your table at the next Bridal Boot Sale! Click the link below to book, all newlyweds will be provided with a 6ft table. For double pitches or pitches that need a rail too (some people have a lot of items to sell!), please get in touch!

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