Introducing Wedding Photographer Matthew Cleveland

Suze & Andy's Wedding

One of the greatest things about running the Bridal Bazaar and Boot Sale is meeting fabulous, talented wedding suppliers from across the South. Allow us to introduce you to photographer, Matthew Cleveland.

Over to you Matt…

Howdy, I’m Matthew, a wedding photographer living on the south coast of England with my wife George. There’s some debate about how long you get to be newlyweds but I still count us in this bracket, we only got married last year after all!

Katie & Pete's Wedding

I photograph weddings in an informal style known as documentary wedding photography — it’s also called reportage wedding photography and wedding photojournalism too — where I don’t interfere with the events of your day. This lets me photograph real moments that are shared between those that you love the most.

Having only recently picked my own wedding photographer I know how hard a decision it can be. If you’d like some advice on what to consider and ask when picking your photographer let me know!  I’ll be at Bridal Bazaar this coming Sunday 27th September at Bury Court Barn.

Alice & Chris' Wedding

My top tips for getting the most out of wedding photos, come your big day…

  • Open the curtains and pull up those blinds, let the natural light in!
  • If there’s something you want to do, say. A couple recently had their portraits in a playground. We had fun and it looked great.
  • Send your plan for your day to your photographer early on, you can always update it later but it lets us get organised for your day.
  • And lastly… Relax, you’re going to have an amazing day!

Amy & Rich's Wedding

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